With Vtiger, you will send exquisite emails to segmented audiences seamlessly. Plan and monitor email campaigns to create deep.


To initiate an email campaign you first need to pick a list of individuals to deliver it to. The collection is named a Advertising Set, in Vtiger. This consists of a name and a sorted contact list within the CRM. You can build or pick a list when designing an email plan, or you can use the Marketing Lists feature to do so in advance.


Vtiger contain built-in templates which are very helpful for the Marketing purposes. Select from our templates or use the drag-and – drop email builder to build from scratch, or import a template. We can also develop the new templates for your improved marketing practice,


Send special trigger-based email from onboarding and grooming to re-engagement and customer satisfaction for audiences. Deliver value-added contextual emails to clients that are focused on your business relationship.

It means a crucial relationship-building opportunity is never missed.


CMRD can customize Vtiger CRM that provide APIs to track telephone calls made from your device. Use these APIs you can conveniently trigger incoming calls popups in the CRM, update url tracking, call status, and call notes in the Phone Calls log section.


Vtiger has access to a wealth of the customer knowledge collected over the course of operation by sales and customer service efforts through leads and contacts. Vtiger has three major report forms the help advertisers process, interpret and evaluate consumer data for opportunities