Task Management

Tasks are the various things, such as business and prospect analysis, writing plans, and status internal correspondence. The secret to success is to conduct each task consistently in an effective and timely manner.

What you need to run a project at a single place

Build a schedule with any number of tasks to be assigned, and set deadlines with due dates. Associate the project with a client, event, or other individual so it is always easy to find. Then add files, work together, and monitor progress straight from the dashboard of the project.

Manage products and services

The inventory management system at Vtiger records all product and service information, including serial numbers, images, specifications, costs, stock numbers, and more. Link those to vendors when stock is low to build a fast buy order.

Manage inventories & rates, create quotations, submit invoices and track payments

Manage your suppliers and inventory, build price books, generate quotes, purchase orders, and invoices that automatically subtract from available stock and for which customers who monitor their unpaid invoices may request electronic payments.

Manage products, services and vendors

Vtiger’s inventory management system captures all information about products and services, including serial numbers, pictures, descriptions, prices, stock numbers and more. Link those to vendors for quick purchase order creation when stock is low.

Collaborate with message and file sharing customers via the Customer Portal

Working on a project relating to a customer? Give them access to Vtiger’s client portal, then share the status of the project and allow them to upload documents directly to it via the client portal.